On Everything Concerning Leisure

Cecilie Ulrikke believes in everything with a happy “care free” touch. She speaks about holidays, interiors, clothing, food, travel etc. She speaks about love, relationships and practicality of having fun with your spouse by simply “doing things together”. Visit her at http://lightfriday.com


Romanticism, Music and Poetry

What a wonderful blend. Any action which gives life a spark is worth mentioning about. Pragati Shaw  has it all summed up at her site. She blends music and poetry with romance and takes you to another level of thought. Do try and visit her at http://lunacyoflife.wordpress.com.

The Broadest Spectrum of Interests!

This is a unique blog. Nanxi Liu – pronounced Nancy, has a rather broad-based interest in everything that goes on in life. Not only that – she has made a success out of everything she conceives. A great motivation for people who want to do well in life. Visit her at http://nanxiliu.wordpress.com . You will find this site extremely interesting.