Canadian Hiking and Photography

Patrick Latter is an ardent photographer and hiker. You can come across breathtaking photographs and information pertaining to hikes in Canada on his site. It would be interesting to visit him at


The Broadest Spectrum of Interests!

This is a unique blog. Nanxi Liu – pronounced Nancy, has a rather broad-based interest in everything that goes on in life. Not only that – she has made a success out of everything she conceives. A great motivation for people who want to do well in life. Visit her at . You will find this site extremely interesting.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Elena Levon came to the United States from Russia at the age of 19, without knowing anybody in the US. She struggled to make a name for herself under rather alien conditions. Elena has learned acting and has acted in movies like  “Ocean’s Thirteen” and “Crazy Eyes”. Elena’s story is an extremely inspiring one, and who can tell it better than the person herself.

Visit her at .