The very fact that we live in Jhansi implies, that we form an integral part of the Jhansi community. Community by definition refers to a social unit larger than that of a small village that shares common values. Participants of the community help each other in an organised manner so that everybody benefits.

Simplistically speaking, man is a social animal. He lives in a community and participates in the community activities either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Take for example; you need to have a meal. Somebody needs to cook the meal. The ingredients need to be purchased from the market. The market needs to cater for the ingredients from sources that may not exist in your immediate vicinity. These ingredients therefore need to be procured. An organized system sets up the procurement procedure.

I have spoken of just a basic example of community interaction. It  proves the point that we depend on each other for our day to day needs. In this example, we have been a passive recipient to a community activity. We can remain passive in all that we do, ignoring what goes on around us, or, we can participate in improving the community systems for a better tomorrow.

My aim of creating this blog is to provide a platform to enable a healthy participation of all members of the Jhansi community (to which you qualify by default, by the very fact that you stay in this town).

This blog is not a political blog. Also, it is not a place to vent anger and frustration. It is a place where we can participate, learn from each other and help ourselves and people dependent on us, to progress towards a better quality of life.

We have categorised this site to invite participants to interact in their areas of interest. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.


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