The Story of Two People – Part 1

More and more people wish to stay alone. I do not know whether this statement is a fact, or could be that people are just plain scared of getting into a relationship with another person. A relationship to most people is that of a “commitment”, which people think they are not prepared to take at this moment.

 The result is, that time passes and people get into a 24 hour routine. Some involve themselves seriously in their jobs, leaving no time for anything else. They interpret life as a process where they want to achieve “something” – or be somebody in this world. A number of people achieve these goals in time.

 Some people follow the routine of getting up, carrying out the daily chores, attending a regular 9-to-5 job, coming back home, watching TV and calling it a day. This goes on day in and day out, with a few diversions with some friends, once in a while.

 At the end of the day, there is a feeling of isolation, at times despair, and if you have taken a lifetime to “achieve” your dreams, you start asking yourself a question – am I happy?

 Basically, the problem lies in the fact that we are scared to share our lives with somebody else. While dating, we are too busy analyzing and assessing our date, trying to figure out whether we can actually get into a relationship. We are trying to put our best foot forward, little realizing that he or she is also making an effort to do the same. We therefore neither provide nor receive factual information about each other, and yet assess each other on what is being projected.

 Ironically, we also know that both the people are trying to impress each other. Yet, we try to “extract” useful information from what we hear. Do you think this is the right start point to a relationship? How to create an environment where people would be more honest and forthright?

 Your comments on this post would help a lot of us understand the concept of a relationship better.


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